Jake Sonberg, New Predator Fly Gear Ambassador!

Jake Sonberg, New Predator Fly Gear Ambassador!

August 30, 2017

Jake Sonberg is an apex predator hound and we're happy to have him on board!  A student at St. Mike's College in VT, Jake gets after the toothies when he's not crashing sorority pillow fights!  Says Jake, "Fly fishing for apex predators in my local fisheries has become a passion of mine in the last couple of years.  I spend my springs and falls at Saint Michael's College chasing the gnarliest pike and bass I can find, and mix it up in the summer by religiously hunting striper on the shores of NH.  My studies in environmental science and biology at St. Mike's are only more complementary to my fishy pursuits, and my game is constantly growing every time I step on the boat or into the classroom."  Cheers buddy!! 

jack crevalle



hog brown trout

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June 22, 2018

Predator Fly Gear is pumped to now have IGFA World Record holder Lauren Dunn on the team!  Lauren has been hooked on fly fishing since the age of four . . .

lauren dunn big fish on fly

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Kubie Brown, Slab Slayer!

June 03, 2018

Ambassador Kubie Brown, @kubiebrown_fertilewaters, lives and breathes the Predator Fly Gear lifestyle.  This shot stands alone and represents just that. 

Pike on Fly Rod, Kubie Brown

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Ambassador Caleb Jenkins Doin' Work!

February 13, 2018

Ambassador Caleb Jenkins sports the EAT performance longsleeve in Smoke and Blue Twill Trucker to bag this slab ski in waters unknown!

Rico Jenkins Slab Musky Fish

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