Pro Staff

Nick big musky


Nick has been a fly fishing addict ever since he caught his first striper on a fly in the 8th grade on a fiberglass 7 wgt.  A former marine biologist, Nick had the opportunity to travel a bit casting flies in fresh and saltwater and has landed over 50 different species on the fly.  His fly fishing drive has evolved over time to the point now where he pursues just the few truly memorable fish.  "Musky get into your brain.  You loose sleep over them, analyze them, idolize them.  It's my obsessive experience hunting these guys that inspired me to create Predator Fly Gear.  The folks who are dedicated enough to chase down fish like these have a strong sense of identity and I wanted to create a brand that describes and celebrates our unique breed."  Nick guides for Stream and Brook Fly Fishing, primarily targeting pike.  Nick is also an award winning fish illustrator who was presented with the 2016 Billfish Foundation Artist of the Year award. He designs all of the artwork for Predator Fly Gear.  His work is sold in over 30 countries around the globe and is a regular contributor to Anglers Journal Magazine. You can check out his artwork at:, Instagram, & Facebook



Brian big musky


Brian lives and breathes predator fly fishing.  He literally will sleep on the river bank and has caught more hog pike and musky than anybody else we know.  He embodies the true Predator Fly Gear spirit and is an ambassador for the sport itself in that he is constantly active in fly fishing events and introducing new people to the sport.  He is active in supporting events of the American Museum of Fly Fishing, Casting for Recovery, Pig Farm Ink, and the Fly Fishing Film Tour among others.  He is one of the owners of Stream and Brook Fly Fishing, where he guides everyone from beginners to experts.  Brian is on the Pro Staff for Jackson Kayak, Rock River Rods, Julbo USA, Orion Coolers, Werner Paddles, Panda Poles, and Whistle Pig.  Above all Brian is everybody's friend-- an all around awesome laid back dude who loves to fish and help other people catch fish.  Follow Brian on Instagram: VT Pike Bum Facebook: Brian.Cadoret



Kevin musky


Kevin is a master fly tier of giant fluff.  He regularly gives demos and talks on tying at fishing events and via online live video.  His giant flies push a ton of water and have an aggressive look and feel to them, often spiced up with skull beads, etc.  "Originally from Long Island, New York I grew up chasing the big fish bite on the sound.  Living in Vermont I have found a new love for everything with teeth, spending days and months chasing the water dragons that lurk in our river systems.  Play hard fish hard." says Kevin.  And he does--Kevin pretty much spends his life chasing musky by day and tying and/ or drinking warm PBRs at night.  He is the Northeast regional coordinator Pig Farm Ink, where he organizes Iron Fly tying events and Get Trashed river cleanups.  He is on the Pro Staff for VT Fly Guys and you can follow Kevin on Instagram: Pike Nasty Facebook: KevinRamirezVT



Pat Cohen awesome smallmouth


Pat is an award-winning commercial fly tyer who many consider to be the best deer hair packer on the globe. "I specialize in warm water predatory flies, although I am best known for my deer hair bass bugs. The artistic freedom that fly tying offers is what drew me to it. All of my flies are meant to be fished with the exception of the display offerings. I enjoy the blending of natural with synthetic materials to create flies that maximize the triggers that make predators eat. I have blended my knowledge and passion for art with my knowledge and passion for fly tying to create a very unique approach to fly making. I have an obsession with pike on the fly as well. I have designed a selection of streamers and materials to aid in the pursuit of the water wolf. The power and explosion of these incredible gamefish is second to none. There is nothing in the world like hooking a big pike on a glass rod while standing in a kayak if you ask me." says Pat. Cohen regularly teaches seminars in fly tying at events & fly shops all over the USA. He is also on the Pro Staff for Epic Fly Rods, 3 Tand Reels, Peak Vises, Cortland Lines, Loon Outdoors, Custom Gheenoe BoatsJackson Kayak, and Werner Paddles.  Check out his instructional videos and amazing artistic flies on his website at, Instagram: rusuperfly Facebook: theinkedfisherman



Cpt Zapata Peacock Bass on fly rod fishing


We're stoked to have Cpt Alex Zapata of Valle del Cauca, Colombia on the Predator Fly Gear Team!  Cpt Zapata is a hard core predator fly addict with Payara and Peacock Bass at the top of his list.  Zapata likes fly fishing in the jungle "because pretty much everything is a predator there--you throw your fly out and you could get anything from a "Vampire Fish" Payara to a vicious Red Bellied Piranha!"  He has a pending Speckled Peacock Bass IGFA world record on the fly (6 lb tippet) and is the founder of Orinoco Angling, a jungle adventure travel company which hosts remote trips throughout Colombia.  Check them out here.  When he's not breaking world records in the jungle he's guiding tarpon on the flats in sunny Florida where he owns and operates Silver King Charters!  Cpt Zapata can take you out on the Florida flats for cuda and sharks or guide you in the jungle for toothies as well!  Instagram: @silverking_charters Facebook: Silver King Charters



Armando Piranha on fly gear


Armando Giraldo is the founder and CEO of Orinoco Flies as well as the co-founder of Orinoco Angling in Colombia.  A native of Colombia, fly fishing was somehow in his blood despite not knowing anyone in the country that fly fished!  Over a couple of decades Armando has pioneered predator fly fishing in the jungle and now runs trips and fly fishing schools in the Orinoco region with the toothy "Vampire Fish" Payara his favorite target.  About Armando: "About 25 years ago I started in the mosqueo, at that time I did not know anyone who did it here in Colombia.  Magazines my father gave me generated a lot of interest in the subject, until a good few years later I had my first reed, reel and fly.  I learned alone, I destroyed flies, leaders, I was hooked, I hooked the others, I did not know how to collect the fly, nor handle the winds anyway ... but all this took me more and more to really learn about the subject and specialize to the point to obsess with the different sets and to be efficient so as not to get tired and to continue fishing all day for several days.  This is now my life and what I live for."  Orinoco Flies Website | Instagram | facebook



Lauren Dunn IGFA World Record Bowfin fish


Lauren has been hooked on fly fishing since the age of four. She grew up fishing for trout in the cold rivers and lakes of the Sierra Nevadas where she calls home. At the age of 14, she broke her first IGFA world record, a Bull Trout from the waters of British Colombia. Now at the age of 21, she holds over 50 confirmed and pending IGFA World Records, and has received multiple awards through the organization. Of those 50, 9 are for Pacific Barracuda, 5 are for Bowfin, and 7 for Northern Pike. Check out her sick list of records here! She has traveled extensively across the US, Canada, and Mexico chasing world record caliber fish. Lauren is currently a Biology major at Saint Michael’s College in Burlington, Vermont and plans to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine. She has great access to the predators that reside in Lake Champlain. Lauren cannot wait to keep traveling the world chucking huge flies at huge fish! Follow her fly fishing journey on Instagram | facebook



Cpt Patrick Striped Bass


Cpt. Patrick Cassidy has been fishing the waters around Cape Cod for the past 30 years. He is the owner and operator of Cape Cod on the Fly, a guide service focused on fly fishing the iconic saltwater flats of Cape Cod Bay and Monomoy. Cpt. Cassidy grew up fishing for striped bass and bluefish. The two predators of very different stripes now consume the majority of his time, whether he is on the water hunting them down or studying and writing about their habits and habitat.  Joining forces with Predator Fly Gear is a natural extension of that pursuit. Cpt. Cassidy has served as a volunteer guide for the North and South Rivers Watershed Association and holds a 25-ton masters inland and mate near coastal merchant mariner credential, which he uses to guide clients on his Jones Brothers Cape Fisherman, a vessel built for fly fishing in both skinny water and the rough and tumble rips around Cape Cod. Check out what he is up to now at or on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.